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Left or Right?

In today’s frame,
I am as fragile as a snowflake on Miami Beach.
I am as weak as the last sip of margarita after all the ice in the glass has melted.
I am as insubstantial as the steam rising from a take out coffee.
I am as insignificant as one single fly crawling up the window glass looking for a way out.

But consider,
The absolute magic of a flake falling on the beach.
The heady strength that caused the drinker to forget that last sip.
The addictive aroma that entices one to imbibe again and again.
The power held by the swarm, the pack, the mob all united together in a cause.

So as always in the best of times,
Look for the strength, the positive, the joy
To carry you through the trials of life.

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