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April is national poetry month, and although I am no poet (and I know it), I shall be posting a poem a day!

First one is a paint chip poem.  The Idea is to steal a few of those paint chip strips from Lowes, find one with exotic color names that inspires you, and include the paint names in your poetry lines.  I chose a blue-green strip to begin.

Diss-Harmony Blue Birds                                                                             Paint Chip Poetry

In the pale dawn of a frosty day, a hallowed hush fell

Over a lake-Swan Lake-afloat with early arrival fowl, perturbed by unpredictable spring.

Bobbing in the cold, they dream of a tropical holiday.

A warm pond singing with frogs, as water burbled from an artesian well.

Their flying vee gold-lit, summer sun setting on the azure tide rolling out.

As they dream of that warm romantic isle, the lake birds shiver.


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