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My morning adventure!  Did I tell you how much I love my Impala? Headed off to school about 6:30 because we HAD a two hour delay; 75 was not bad, 275 was an absolute mess so I bailed for the road less traveled.  Climbed the deep snow-covered track to the heights of Reed-Hartman and stopped at Panera for a little second breakfast, hoping the phone would ring.  After sitting for about 45 minutes, watching the blizzard increase outside, the phone remained stubbornly silent.

Finally, I headed out to my car, juggling gloves, planbook, phone, coffee, and left-over oatmeal.  As I opened the door the phone rang.  I dropped one glove which immediately blew away into the oblivion of white and the phone which fell between the seat and the door and slithered under the seat to be tangled in the wires and cables, Br’er Rabbit-like.  It took several minutes of groping to free the phone and follow the fifteen-step process to retrieve the now-voice mailed message.

“Closed!” announced Superintendent Jeff.  He said a bunch of other words too, but that was the important one.  Luckily my glove had blown all the way under the car and was wedged against the Panera sign.  Thirteen degrees read the Impala’s thermometer (you must have a car with a heated seat and a thermometer–absolute requirements after including the biggest engine available).

I headed home cross country since the interstates were a blinding mass of red accident signs.  Along the way, I saw a snow tornado, actually it was more dust devil sized, in a field next to the road.  UPS was running already because I had to dodge a truck on a hill curve–my lane, buddy!  The parking lot at Walmart had several hearty, if a little tardy, milk and bread buyers.  So the Impala and I forded the drifts and rolled into the driveway less than two hours after the adventure began.  I now sit, cats spread about the room, sipping tea, and watching the horizontal falling of the snow.

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