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Zen and Chocolate

“Sing to me, O Muse,”  as Odysseus said.  Just like the big guy, I’m off on a summer adventure of journey and discovery.

This all started today with chocolate:  cool breezes, anti-grav chair, and Dove chocolates:  two dark and two milk.  What could be better?  I knew there were sayings on the foil wrapping but I’d never really slowed down to read them, or “smell the chocolate” as one advised me.

That’s when it all got very Kafka-esque.  (I could say Osmond-esque, but only  few of you would understand.)

The first two wrappers pointed me in the journey of discovery direction.   “Open your mind to discovery” and “Your journey begins today” were my Dove master’s first teachings, so like a good Grasshopper, off I go.  What grand philosophies will I discover by September?  Like Odysseus, what gods shall I honk off, what siren music shall I hear, and what lesson shall I learn?



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