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In Memorium of Damn!

Poor Damn! is dead, pierced through the hide by Christofur who believes he is a circus cat.  It had been nearly forgotten, put out to pasture, one might say, relegated to the corner of the diningroom.  I found this written from my time with the old, round guy and thought it was a fitting eulogy:

From the adventures of Karen and Damn!

My stability ball kicked my butt, literally.  It tossed me off like Lightin’ the bucking bronco.  Then I had to go catch it!

Just when I was getting cocky about being a big old jock with my power walking, I decided to try Stability Ball 1, 2, and 3 on my new favorite cable channel Exercise on Demand.

The instructor who has one of those high class British accents told me to follow Tonya for the beginners session.  I did but Tonya didn’t seemed to be struggling as much as I was.  And her ball seemed much better behaved than mine.  Maybe I should have gotten a gray one instead of a red one—they seem calmer and better trained.

Thirty minutes later I was lying on the floor, sweating like a pig, and the ball was on top of me.  I’m pretty sure it was laughing.

Day 2

I did a fast one mile WATP with weights and then did battle with Damn (that’s my stability ball).  Let’s call it a tie today:  it’s now resting in its corner (I think it’s looking at me).  I actually accomplished rolling down the ball on my back and BACK UP!!!

Day 3

Today was supposed to be my exercise day off but I got to thinking about poor Damn! (my stability ball) sitting there all by himself.  So I did the upper and lower body workout and increased my handweights.  The ball pretended to be obedient and well-trained like one of the ponies we used to ride at the county fair–the ones trained to walk around in a circle with the kids on their backs.  Actually, he was lying in wait like a big old anaconda.  There I was flailing along with Tonya (the low level instructor) and I let my guard down.  The next thing I knew, my feet were above my head and I was rolling down the back side of the ball.  (Wish I had a video:  I knew I was losing it but could do nothing to stop the inevitable).  There’s just not near as much padding on my backside as  there used to be.  I think I’m going to have to tie on a pillow.  I despair of ever training Damn! to be a proper stability ball.  Maybe I need to call the Ball Whisperer.

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