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This REALLY sucks bad but here’s an excerpt!

“Are you an idiot?”  Pen was in Connor’s bedroom the next morning and raging at him before the man was even shaved.  He waved away his valet.

“Probably I am in your mind, sister,”  he said.

“You bought Van a hat!”

“What is the problem with buying her a hat?”

“You paraded around the city with her yesterday, which was improper in itself. And then you buy her a hat.  At the card party last night, every third person asked me if you had announced your engagement; every fourth intimated that she was your newest mistress.”  He looked appalled.

“I never thought to sully—“

“There is the problem:  you never thought, as usual, what your actions mean to others!”  She stormed out.  He buried his head in the towel his valet had left.  ‘Connor, you fool!’  His attempt to right things with Van had simply made them worse.


Molly Hewitt seemed to be heading the charge to ruin Van’s reputation, which could almost be found amusing if it wasn’t so dangerous.  Everett met her walking in Bond Street on the arm of one of the Cornish Lancers.  Everett nodded his greeting to Laurent and bowed to Molly.

“Miss Hewitt,”  he said politely.  He wanted to warn Laurent to mount the bay charger he usually rode and head for the hills.

“Sir Brisby,”  she purred.  “Oh, how is Lord Gannon?  I hear he has taken a new paramour—Miss Harrow.”  Everett fixed her with a look and even Laurent took a step backward.

“She is Lady Harrow.  And if anyone were to besmirch her name, I would be the one to defend the lady’s honor.”

“You, Everett?  She is your lover?”  Molly blurted out.  Her eyes bulged, thinking of the ugly scene she had caused at Gannon Hall, accusing Connor of tumbling that chit.  The fight had ended with Connor putting her into her carriage without ceremony, warning her to stay away.  Had she made a mistake and ruined her chances to become Lady Gannon?  It made sense that Everett’s best friend could escort his mistress with impunity around London and even with Everett’s blessing.

“I would stop spreading the ugly lies you are creating in your jealousy of Connor’s doings.”  Everett suggested.

“Why would I be jealous?”  She tightened her grip on Laurent’s arm. “I have no interest in Gannon’s affairs.”

“Then use your mouth for what best suits it, Molly, instead of your hateful slurs.”  He looked at Laurent to see if he would defend Molly’s honor.  Laurent seemed intent on studying the bricks on the haberdashery they stood before. “And as far as I know, Lord Gannon has not taken another to his bed since he booted you from it.”  Everett leveled his gaze at Laurent; he remained mute.  It certainly was hard to provoke the man.  He seemed to have no compunction about allowing Everett to roll Molly’s reputation in the gutter.  Maybe he knew Molly well.  Everett wished the man would challenge him; he had no complaint against the Lancer, but he really wanted to shoot someone.  Connor came to mind.

“Molly, I’ll give you some advice.  Marry this one,”  he nodded at Laurent, “or the next before you are too used to attract anyone of worth, but do not show yourself at Gannon Hall again, or I shall have O’Dell remove you from the place.”  He turned on his heel, waiting for the eruption behind him.

It came:  Molly’s screeching was partially masked by a passing steam cab, but when the vehicle passed, she was hurling curses at him like a fishwife.  She turned on Laurent demanding he challenge Everett in her defense.

“But, love, he is the best duelist in the Empire!”  he heard Laurent explain.


“Bravo, Everett,”  Catherine said, coming into the study later that afternoon and dropping on the sofa next to her brother.  “The town is buzzing with your activities from earlier today.”  Everett did not even look up from his paper.

“They all need to find real occupations,”  he observed.

“Now your name is linked with Van’s.”

“Would that be a bad thing?”  he asked.  She contemplated him silently for a moment and smiled.

“I love you, big brother.”  She rose, pulled the paper away from him, kissed him heartily and left to dress for the evening.  Everett went back to his paper.  Would it be a bad thing?

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