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It’s Nano time!

By the skin of her teeth, SindyE slides across the November 30th finish line with a word count of 50423!!!

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Nano is nearly here!

It’s almost November and time for noveling!  50,000 words in 30 days.  After nearly settling on finishing two section of Paths of the King for this year’s noveling, I came up with a sort of idea that I think I’m running with:

Working Title:  Lady Van or The Clockwork Bees

Genre:  Science Fiction/Alternative Universe
Sub-genre:  steampunk romance

Evangeline (Van) Lady Harrow, an heiress whose inventor/naturalist father has recently passed away, is living with some stuffy and snooty relatives in an alternative early Victorian England where steam-powered modern inventions abound and the most popular sport of the day is jousting! In fact, jousting has supplanted war and in a world where Napl;eon never came to power and the Colonies remain the Colonies, jousts decide international crises and diplomatic issues.
Van’s relatives’ country neighbor is the notorious Conor, Lord Gannon-Phillips, who is the captain of the Highland
Knights, the premiere Empire jousting team, and a big-time drunkard and rake. His friend Everett sees Van as the one hope to save Conor from himself as the trio tries to solve the mystery of why the jousting horses of the European teams are mysteriously dying.

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