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Form and Function

Summer writing + great plans to spend all day writing but not following through.  We were talking at writers’ group last night about blogs and hey!  I remembered I had one!

Still struggling with the organization of the first section of If I Should Die and the idea of the three act structure.  Need to get it together since Ms. Collins and I are planning on July Camp Nano and I need to hit the roading running on the pitifully sketchy last third of the book.

I was reading one of the Great Writers series books yesterday (I believe it was the one on Plots).  Makes me think that r. Romero is not enough of an antagonist and I need a real wahaha villain (with his finger on the nuclear option button, of course).  Might have to sketch out Mr. General Undersecretary Bad Ass and see where he goes.

Probably should go write!

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